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Nursing Home and Long Term Care Research International Working Group meeting

LEIDEN (The Netherlands) - JUNE 19/20 • 2020

The number of nursing home residents is expected to increase dramatically in industrialized countries in the coming decades. In the United States, long-term care services are projected to nearly double by 2050. In France, around 700 000 residents live in one of the 10 000 nursing homes, whereas in the United States around 1.4 million residents live in one of the 16 000 nursing homes.
All over the world, it is well-known that nursing home populations have higher levels of multimorbidity, polypharmacy, cognitive impairment, disability, rates of hospitalization, and healthcare expenditures compared to their peers living in the community. Given the specificity of nursing home residents, feasible and effective new care approaches from pragmatic studies performed in real life conditions of nursing homes are urgently required, as well as the successful dissemination of these new clinical evidences.

Clinical research in nursing homes remains scarce. However, quality improvement in the nursing as well as the implementation of new care strategies and innovation should rely on robust evidence from studies developed in this setting.

The 6th edition of the Nursing Home and Long Term Care Research International Working Group meeting is organized on June 19-20, 2020, in Leiden.

The focus of the meeting is to promote research and innovation performed among nursing home residents and to offer a unique opportunity to learn and share ideas, and disseminate best knowledges among international researchers in the field of Nursing Home and Long Term Care.



• Juergen Bauer (Germany) • Athanase Benetos (France)
• Roberto Bernabei (Italy)
• Matteo Cesari (France)
• Lorenzo Donini (Italy)
• Martin Finbarr (UK)
• Jaime Fitten (USA)
• Cari Levy (USA)
• John Morley (USA)
• Graziano Onder (Italy)
• Yves Rolland (France)
• Philipe de Souto Barreto (France)
• Antoni Salva (Spain)
• Jos M.G.A. Schols (Netherlands)
• Bruno Vellas (France)